Yuketen Shell Cordovan Belt #yuketen #shellcordovan

Yuketen Ravello Card Holder #yuketen #ravello #shellcordovan

Size 11 & 12 Shoes for sale

1. C&J Pembroke Commando Sole

2. Alden Indy Cigar Shell

3. Yuketen Smith Boot

4. G&G Cannes Loafer

5. Common Project Suede Chelsea

Yuketen Smith Boots Photos 2.0 - Last pics I posted were shittattattayy

Gonna Raise Hell - Yuketen Smith Boot in Chocolate Bullhide 

Grab Summer by the Horns: Yuketen Antler Canoe Moccasin 

Yuketen #8 Shell Cordovan Belt. This belt is beast. It’s comparable to the Brooks Brothers #8 belt but better. It’s thicker shell cordovan and also slightly wider making it a great choice for both casual and dressy occasions 

Yuketen Ravello Shell Cordovan Card Holder