Alfred Sargent Exclusive Ramsey Double Monk

Gaziano & Girling Rothchild Wingtip in Vintage Cherry

Would love to share these images via my Instagram @Dappersociety_ however I would also like to do so while properly accrediting the source. Is there an Instagram account I could source these back too?

Hey what’s up man, thanks for being so considerate. My instagram is @yolowastaken

Btw, is there a way to link both accounts? I like tumblr already and id hate posting to both. 

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Timeless Classic - John Lobb William Black Calfskin

I've been intrigued for some time by the line of shoes offered by Meermin and I noticed that you have a pair of double monk strap boots from Meermin. Can you let me know how those boots are working out for you and whether you would consider ordering another pair of shoes from Meermin. Mahalo.


Were you considering the Linae Mastro or classic line? My MTO double monk wingtip boots are holding up well; no issue with build quality and the Hiro last is one of my favorites for both look and comfort. However the Argentinian shell cordovan is underwhelming to say the least; It doesn’t shine up as well as Horween and is much more susceptible to water marks/drops than the higher priced American made shell. 

Overall, I think Meermin is a good value just make sure to research to know what what youre getting into. bloodonthemotorway had a great write-up of what to expect from the classic line: 

If you want a nice shoe for cheap, then Meermin makes a nice black calf ptb at $200ish shipped and a little to Fedex / UPS, along with wait time of 30 days to a few months. Goodyear welted in China, rubber sole already so no need for a topy. People seem to complain quite a bit about quality issues but honestly in most cases it’s minor issues that super picky people can’t stand. Nothing beats Meermin value imo.

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Trickers Zug Grain Captoe Derby