Billy May here: Does your shell suffer from dryness? Have you tried paste wax and brushing and still doesn’t help? Do you wake up at night - 2 or more times - to use the restroom? Do you want rid your shell of dry spots? Then try a little shoe cream!

Alfred Sargent Exclusive Ramsey Double Monk

Gaziano & Girling Rothchild Wingtip in Vintage Cherry

Would love to share these images via my Instagram @Dappersociety_ however I would also like to do so while properly accrediting the source. Is there an Instagram account I could source these back too?

Hey what’s up man, thanks for being so considerate. My instagram is @yolowastaken

Btw, is there a way to link both accounts? I like tumblr already and id hate posting to both. 

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Timeless Classic - John Lobb William Black Calfskin